CPN Instructions







I have been getting a lot of emails and calls regarding what needs to be done pertaining to the Credit Privacy Number. Since it is imperitive to follow directions during this process, I have decided to make it even simpler for my clients to understand what exactly is needed to start your CPN immediately.


To set up a CREDIT PRIVACY NUMBER, this is what is needed.



1. Name of the person wanting the CPN

 2. Address that is not associated with any credit on file.

 3. Phone number that is not associated with any credit on file.

 4. Date of Birth

 5. Email address that I can contact you at .


This is the BASIC INFORMATION for starting a credit privacy number. Without it, I cannot move forward.

What will happen once my information is submitted?


1. Once your information is submitted, I will send you an invoice for payment.

2. Up to 24 hours later after the payment is made, I will then send you the CPN and profile.  The CPN profile is all the information that is attached to your new CPN number.

3.  Next you will receive an email with your approval for the low limit starter credit card.



If you are looking to add Authorize User lines to your CPN, please refer to our Tradelines. Remember, you cannot buy PRIMARY TRADELINES, it is 100% illegal to do so!

Getting a hold of me. 


Email me at info@cpnandtradelines.com.


ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS apply for anything on the WEEKDAYS ONLY.. NO weekends! Most credit departments are closed on the weekends and you will get a standard “you will be notified by mail” answer.



Contact :

Christine Edwards